About Team Expo Interiors

At Team Expo Interiors, the keen passion we have for interior works and the desire to catch up on the latest trends in interiors make our team stand out from the rest. The countless creative interior types we have designed and the wherewithal to recreate any type of interiors as envisaged by our clients makes us a preferred choice.

Exhibition Interiors

At Team Expo Interiors, the keen passion we have for interior works and the desire to catch up on the latest trends in the field of exhibition interiors have made us one of the pioneers. The expertise we have gathered doing interiors for exhibition as part of Team and Trade Expos, has made us one of the top exhibition interior providers in Chennai.

Commercial Interiors

Our extensive work in the domain of office interior design and project management has made us one of the preferred commercial interior designers in Chennai. Our commercial interiors for your office, industry, shop, showroom and other commercial establishment are creative and at the same time functional offering value for money.

Residential Interiors

We, a Chennai-based residential interior design company, comprise an experienced team of professionals who are well-versed in combining creativity and functionality to provide one of the best residential interior design. Our expertise not only lies in creating interior design for a new residential building but also extends to renovations and remodeling.

Our Design Cycle

  • Understand Requirements
  • Ideate & Conceptualize
  • Design & Create
  • Build or Install

Our design cycle starts with the process of understanding the requirements of our valuable clients. The expertise of our team, the experience we carry in executing various projects, our passion to keep abreast with the latest in the field of interior designing, all help us in evaluating the requirements with ease. We take into account the interest of the stakeholders and the element of attraction that needs to be added while we understand the requirement.

We sit as a team to ideate and discuss the nuances of the requirements as given by the client. We match the requirement with the current trends and come up with an optimal design and solution. While we trigger our thought cycle, we innovate and come up with design solutions that are affable. Our conceptualization takes into account the floor plans, the furniture layouts, and the general look and feel of a space.

After we get approval for the concept we developed in the backroom, we get into the planning phase. It is time then to get the blueprint of the project for the client to check the ideation to fruition. All elements of the interiors as planned are diligently fitted in the blueprint. The design prototype should give a fair idea of how the interior is going to look like.

It takes a certain eye to be able to pull the design elements together and build your dream interiors. Our team that is deployed to actually build and install interiors are diligent in following laid guidelines. We ensure completing the projects on time within the agreed turn around time as our projections are absolutely realistic.

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